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pine is an affordable choice with only a slight compromise in durability. we use high-quality Ponderosa pine with tight knots and good strength. Pine is not naturally resistant to decay, so paint or stain is strongly recommended.


cedar is naturally resistant to rot and has beautiful, straight grain. left exposed to the weather, Cedar will wash out to a mellow, silvery gray. If you prefer the look of natural color, we offer a great product called adi-splash, which is a specially formulated, linseed oil based clear coat designed to protect the wood against the elements and block the UV rays that discolor the wood. adi-splash enhances the grain much like a beautiful stain.


mahogany is second to none for durability in outdoor furniture. This tropical hardwood is completely rot resistant and requires no maintenance whatsoever. Mahogany will weather to a silvery gray if left unfinished. If you don’t find this look appealing, you can choose our adi-splash or apply a semi transparent stain after it has weathered.


We still make everything by hand in our converted 100 year old barn overlooking the Saint Croix river in Stillwater, Minnesota. Our standards are high and that comes through in all of our products. Each and every one of the parts that goes into a Woodstock chair or table is handled and inspected several times from the moment it comes to us as raw lumber. Cutting out critical furniture parts to ensure maximum strength and yield requires an exacting eye. We then sand all the touch parts by hand so you won’t snag your favorite threads. Finally, at the assembly stage, all parts are thoroughly inspected, glued together with waterproof glue, and screwed together by skilled craft people. Solid wood plugs, are then inserted into select screw holes for a finishing touch and the added look of a truly exceptional piece of furniture.


we began our furniture company with one product - the adi-sac Adirondack chair kit. We perfected the design and packaged it in a heavy burlap sack. Woodstock Kits assemble with remarkable ease. All you need is some glue, a Phillips screwdriver, a little bit of time, and you can have the pleasure of building something functional and beautiful that will last for years. If building a kit doesn’t fit your schedule, and you live within our delivery area, just order your Furniture assembled and we will deliver it to your favorite garden spot.


we are the factory, and you cannot buy more direct than that. From the lumber mill - to us - to you, with no middleman mark ups, you’ll find that our factory direct pricing is significantly lower than other retailers.

place your order

The best way to place your order is to call us at 651-439-2244 We will answer your questions and let you know what’s in stock. We can take your payment over the phone or direct you to either paypal or venmo.
soon we’ll be adding buy it now options for all of our in-stock items.

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ankle biter

rock it

pinnacle wave

1905 Original

live edge log chair

whole lotta love

cypress garden

tête 'a tête


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Summit bench

We are stardust,we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden

Summit swing

Portland bench

Summit glider

Summit tandem

Berkeley bench

Summit bench

Tasteful and simple bow back design gives this handsome bench a touch of class. 4’ and 5’ lengths.

pine - $275.00 - $325.00
Cedar- $325.00 - $375.00
Mahogany - $475.00 - $540.00


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' I

Riverside table

' I

Peace side coffee

' I

Cafe set

' I

Round pt

' I

not so round pt

' I

Lakeside table

Superior Chair

simplicity and comfort. Our Superior chair hearkens the iconic five splat adirondack chair with a gentle contoured back. Pictured with our Conver-table in ottoman position.

pine - $150.00
Cedar- $225.00
Mahogany - $310.00

Our pine kits are just - $125.00


comfortable curved back and a slightly more modern take on an american classic.

pine - $180.00
Cedar- $250.00
Mahogany - $350.00


Let us transform your old equipment into a cool piece of furniture. we turn alpine, nordic and water skis into groovy chairs and tables. golf clubs?, tennis rackets?, hockey sticks? - whatever! we usually have a good supply of nordic and alpine skis in stock.


Ankle biter

1/3 scale for the discerning little lounger in your life. very sturdy construction with a wide, stable base.

pine - $75.00
cedar - $100.00
mahogany - $150.00

rock it

add some smooth motion to any of our adirondack chairs. a sure favorite for those about to rock! well suited for decks and patios.

A la carte rockers
pine - $40.00
cedar - $50.00
mahogany - $75.00

pinnacle wave

Our pinnacle chair goes new wave with groovy asymmetrical back splats. Looks great when paired with our tandem table

pine - $180.00
Cedar- $250.00
Mahogany - $350.00


Tandem table

Designed for an intimate conversation with a shared table of goodies. The tandem table pairs any of our adirondack chairs. Available à la cart or as a set.

pine - $75.00
Cedar- $110.00
Mahogany - $160.00

Whole lotta love (seat)

A tribute to the summer of ‘69 and the Woodstock generation. Ample seating area with wide arms and a gracefully arched back.

pine - $275.00
Cedar- $400.00
Mahogany - $550.00

Cypress garden

Vintage cabin comfort.
Bring us your retired skis and we’ll make you something like this.


Summit swing

A potentially romantic addition to your front porch or beneath a shady tree in your yard. Available in our Summit, Portland, and Berkley designs. 4’ & 5’ lengths

pine - $295.00
Cedar- $420.00
Mahogany - $570.00

Portland bench

Another version of our timeless benches crafted with sturdy mortise and tenon joinery. An elegant addition to your garden or veranda. 4’ & 5’ length

Summit glider

Rock effortlessly through a lazy afternoon with one of our comfortable gliders. Smooth and silent ball bearing hardware. All bench styles available in 4’ & 5’ lengths.

pine - $400.00
Cedar- $530.00
Mahogany - $675.00


This clever, double duty piece converts from ottoman to table by simply rotating the legs. A truly necessary addition to every Adirondack chair.

pine - $80.00
Cedar- $110.00
Mahogany - $175.00

We built a sawmill!

We specialize in rustic furniture projects and have been supplied by some fantastic sawmills over the last 20 years.
When the opportunity arose to acquire a large amount of choice logs, we decided to build a sawmill. We’ve only been cutting for about a year but we’ve stock piled some fantastic slabs. We hope to use most of our lumber to design and build your custom projects, but we are willing to sell from our growing inventory.
The lettered slabs below are just a partial selection of black walnut and ash. We also have a large amount of Norway pine, cherry, and cedar. All of our western red cedar has been milled from old power poles that Washington County has been replacing over the last few years. It’s all straight and dry and ready to go. In the spring we’ll be cutting red oak and white pine.

a & b













P & r

S & t

V & w




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Sand county set




Crocus hill arbor

Montcalm rocker

Round Picnic Table

For a casual outdoor dining experience, our 54” Round picnic table is the perfect choice. Seating for 8 with detached benches. Thick cedar or pine construction.

pine - 600.00
Cedar- $700.00

Not So Round picnic table

The not-so-round picnic table is a summertime classic at family reunions and 4th of July celebrations. 6’ or 8’ long and 36” wide. Available with detached or attached benches. Cedar or pine.

pine - $550.00 (6’)
Cedar- $650.00 (6’)

Berkeley glider

Glide effortlessly through a lazy afternoon with one of our comfortable gliders. Smooth ball bearing glides. 4’ and 5’ lengths.

pine - $425.00
Cedar- $575.00
mahogany - $700.00

Tandem glider

With its smooth gliders, and adjoining table, the tandem lends itself to congenial conversations while you sip your favorite beverage.
Pine, cedar, and mahogany.

pine - $475.00
Cedar- $625.00
mahogany - $775.00


This is just a small sample of the many cabinet projects we’ve completed. Kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers, bookshelves, buffets and built ins - woodstock can design and build just about anything you need.

Heaven hill set

This is one of our favorites. Built out of the staves of bourbon barrels from the Heaven hill distillery in kentucky, the beauty of the charred white oak is astounding and The curves of a barrel stave are precisely aligned with the human body and makes these our most comfortable chairs. The table is a stenciled barrel head with stave legs held in place with the actual barrel rings.

chair - $500.00
table - $200.00
full set - $1100.00

' I

Cafe set

Our preferred spot to start the day with morning coffee and wind down at happy hour. Available in pine and cedar.

pine - $650.00
cedar - $775.00

' I

Peace, side, & coffee

A few table ideas to help you keep your stuff off the ground. Pine, cedar, and mahogany.

pine▪️p - $300.00 s - $80.00 c - $125.00
cedar▪️s - $110.00 c - $160.00
mahogany▪️s - $140.00 c - $200.00


Lakeside table

6’ & 8’ are standard lengths but we’ve made these tables from 4’ to 14’ long. Beautiful construction for elegant summertime dining. Chairs and benches sold separately. Pine and cedar.

pine - $500.00 (6’)
cedar - $725.00 (6’)

Riverside table

Our spruced up version of the iconic X-brace picnic table. We designed our riverside table with A recessed channel down the center. We’ve put rocks, candles, and shells in the “river” channel and even a copper tray for ice. Pine, cedar, and mahogany. Let us know the length you need. Benches included.

pine - $650.00 (6’)
cedar - $800.00 (6’)
mahogany - $950.00 (6’)

Sand county set

Our Aldo Leopold inspired set looks great anywhere. Choose rough, sawn pine, painted pine, or cedar. Benches available in 4’, 5’, and 6 foot lengths.

pine - $325.00
cedar - $400.00
Benches start at $225.00


The duffer is the dude sitting in the middle of the canoe - not paddling.

' I

Perfectly portable for your favorite outdoor sporting event or the middle of your canoe. Our unique two piece, cantilevered design that is compact, lightweight, and surprisingly comfy.

pine - $90.00
cedar - $125.00
mahogany - $200.00

Rietveld chair

Contemplate the art of setting in a true museum peace. Remarkably comfortable! An enduring design built to adore the elements. Painted or natural finish. These gorgeous chairs fit just as well indoors.

unfinished pine chairs start at $300.00

Crocus hill arbor

Just one example of the many styles available at Woodstock. We are happy to work with you in the design of your arbor so that it fits perfectly into your setting. Made of cedar and or pressure treated lumber. Custom does not necessarily mean expensive. Call us with your dimensions and we can provide a quote.


7’ tall and built with chunky pine from our sawmill. Let your flowering vines or green beans climb on our obelisk trellis. Add your touch of creative design with a unique finial at the top. This one has a rusty barbed wire ball.

pine - $275.00
cedar - $325.00

Montcalm rocker

A mainstay on the front porch. The classic Montcalm rocking chair is ideal for relaxing with its tall back and deep, contoured seat. Painted or natural finish.

pine - $300.00
cedar - $380.00
mahogany - $475.00

1905 original

Our version of the first Adirondack chair patented in 1905. Art deco, modern with a tall back. Pine, cedar, and mahogany.

pine - $200.00
cedar - $240.00
mahogany - $325.00

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This is a rigid massage device that allows you apply tremendous pressure to those hard to reach spots. Each end has a pair of roller balls that smoothly and evenly iron out muscle soreness.


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Birki Bälance Bjørd

Developed for Nordic, skiers and trail runners, the Birki bälance Bjørd is a unique and versatile core and balance training device for any active lifestyle. The Birki bälance Bjørd will strengthen and train your legs to maximize Power, explosiveness, and improve your overall stability and coordination.


Handmade sporting goods

Golf department

From tree to green…

crafting mastery

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Putts up

Woodstock spent tireless hours fighting the good fight during the COVID pandemic lockdowns. We only helped a handful of golfers but we like to think we saved lives.

set of 18 - $500.00

Beurre de NOIX
(Nut butter)

We’re active cyclists here at woodstock and are averse to saddle sores and the accompanying chafing from long days on the bike.
A.k.a. Chamois crème, our nut butter is not for sale. We just give it to our friends but this stuff actually works great!

Bags in a hole

Custom cornhole sets. The talented and beautiful krissy from Our art department can add any design or logo you’d like.

starting at $125.00

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Canoe Paddles

Our paddles have traveled many rivers in the arctic and nearly all 10,000 lakes in minnesota. We don’t have a specific stock design and only produce them when we have a good supply of hardwood and softwood strips. They're absolutely beautiful and many of our customers use them for wall decorations or a towel bar. We will regularly post new paddle designs

beavertail paddles start at $60.00

Cycle craft bottle opener

Bottle openers crafted from barrel staves and bike parts. Makes for a great keychain and conversation piece. They also make great Christmas ornaments.


The BIRKI BÂLANCE BJØRD will effectively train your PNF. (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)  This is the process by which the body / mind shares information about movement.  It allows us to know when to lean forward or backwards (etc) during any type of movement.  The better our PNF, the better we are at responding to curves in the snow, or terrain under our feet during skiing, running, etc.  We can respond more quickly, and our tendon-to-muscle strength is enhanced.

live edge log chair

Our live edge chair is the latest design from the sawmill. This rustic pine chair with bow-tie keyed joints is sanded perfectly to allow the blade marks from the sawmill to show through the glossy varnished finish. No two are alike as we allow the lumber to dictate the design.

300.00/ea. or $550.00/pair

With the addition of the sawmill, this line is growing and showcases many of our favorite projects. We will likely develop a few regular designs but our timbercraft section has always been custom made. We’d love to work with you to design whatever you need for your home or cabin.

This commercial was produced and directed by our good friend and acclaimed
writer/director of sweet land, Ali Selim.
It won the award for, the best television commercial you will never see due to the fact that woodstock could not afford to run the commercial at any time slot other than Sundays after midnight.
Don’t bother calling the toll free number. It is no longer connected to Woodstock headquarters.

Hors catègorie

Out of category

Some items that don’t quite fit in all the other spots

Timberframe pavilion


Front doors, back doors, barn doors - let us make you something beautiful.

Double a-frame swing

Relaxing swing suspended from a sturdy frame. This one is awaiting its sunshade canopy.


big chairs

We made the first one years ago to serve as a sign in front of our shop in Minneapolis. Quite surprisingly, We sold one to a daycare center within the first hour. We’ve been making them ever since and the 14 footer at Woodstock HQ has become a landmark along the st. Croix river. There are big chairs at stadiums, camps, bars, churches, and private residences all across minnesota.

home theater riser

a cool, custom fit, multi level sofa for a big family.

Phipps center for the arts river tables

A series of tables that serve as a large conference grouping that can be separated and configured to suit a variety of needs. Tabletop puzzle is the st. Croix river map from marine on st. Croix to the Mississippi.


Caskets & urns

The last stop cabinet shop

the last cabinet you’re ever going to need. If you’ve been to our shop, you’ve probably seen a number of caskets off to the side as they are always in production. It’s a difficult time for anyone in need of a casket or urn and we would be honored to assist you. These are carefully handmade one at a time and we use no metal fasteners.
guaranteed forever

Liftbridge brewery - Stillwater, mn

Hop & barrel brewing - hudson,Wi

Minnesota music cafe - St. Paul, mn

Ballpark cafe - minnesota state fair

Negrette winery - hudson, Wi

Fjallraven - Mpls. & St. Paul

Pinz - oakdale, mn

Dulono’s pizza - Mpls., mn

Additional partners

Minnesota Children’s museum
The Amazing Castle

Oshkosh b’gosh
10,000 coat trees

The nba
All star game props

Lumberjack days
Event archway

The Phipps center for the arts
Conference tables

minnesota twins
Lee cty. Chairs

N.e. Palace bar
big chair

Camp Shamineau
big chair

rockpoint church
big chair

trout lake camps
big chair

in the kitchen

salt box

Our hand-crafted white oak salt box is a signature addition to any kitchen.
Chefs and bakers will enjoy this essential item when selecting a variety of salts for their unique recipes. Makes a rustic yet elegant statement in your kitchen as well as a great gift.
Hand rubbed Board Butter finish gives our salt box a lustrous, time worn patina.


Charcuterie boards

We’ve been making Black walnut charcuterie boards in several designs for years. Always a little rustic, each one is handmade and unique. Sets of 4 or 8. Hand rubbed board butter finish is food safe and allows for easy clean up. We also make
beautiful stands that will display and organize your boards.

$80.00 - $150.00

live edge log chair

Our live edge chair is the latest design from the sawmill. This rustic pine chair with bow-tie keyed joints is sanded perfectly to allow the blade marks from the sawmill to show through the glossy varnished finish. No two are alike as we allow the lumber to dictate the design.

300.00/ea. or $550.00/pair